It’s one thing having a website, but actually getting views, interaction and gaining more business is another thing entirely. To date, the world wide web currently has an estimated 1.8 billion websites that you can access. This is vast, and most of the time when you do a Google search you only visit the top result, or one further down on the first page. The most viewed website in 2017 according to is Google, and so far this year it is also the most viewed website. So how do you actually get your website to do well? Read our list below to find out some of the most important rules to follow that apply to any type of website.

Keep Active

Like us humans, keeping active is important for our health and well being. The same goes for a website, although it’s slightly different than going for walk 😉. By keeping your site active we mean keeping it updated. So don’t just leave the same content on it, you have to keep things fresh and new. Whether that be updating the banner images with promotions and info, or have a latest news page that you keep updated with news and events coming up in your company. Even better, write a blog on your website. It’s a great way to keep your site active and bring in new customers that may be interested in the topics you are blogging about.

Make sure it’s interesting

Whatever you do, make sure your website is interesting. If it is just one grey block of boring text without images most likely no one will stay on the site for more than 30 seconds. You want images, colours and text that stands out, things that say read me and make the user of your site want to read more.

Write a blog

As mentioned above a blog can do wonders for a website. Regularly published content is great for website SEO (search engine optimisation) and the more good content on the site the better it will rank. Blogging about trending news stories or topics is a great technique to maximise the amount of views your site gets.

Social media presence

In the modern day and age a social media presence is vital. Nearly 40% of the world’s population are registered with some form of social media website. Posting news, information and links to your site on social media is a great way of getting new visits to your site.

Be informative

Informative content is a must on any website. There is little that’s more irritating than reading through a whole page of text on a site and not being any better informed with new ideas or facts than when you started. All content should either tell a story, explain about your company or give information. Make sure what you are writing is clear to the point and will leave your website visitors with a memory or information after reading the site. That way they will consider visiting the site again in the future.

Sometimes simpler is better

Sometimes having a website jam packed with facts, figures and information can be a hindrance. Too much content can confuse visitors as they might not know what part of the site they want to look at, so in most cases like that they would close the page. A simple site with clear direction and navigation is great because it shows the user exactly where everything is that they might want to access. Now I know in the point above I said you must keep a site active with more content etc. but it is all about getting the balance of a nice clean friendly website without too much jargon and text which could scare off potential customers.

That’s not to say just doing all of these points once will help improve your website in one day. Maintaining a website is a constant task which takes time, and you will find that most of the larger, more successful websites like Amazon and eBay etc. have a whole team of employees working on the site to keep it the best it can possibly be.

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