There is a fine art to Twitter and getting it right can have big benefits for your company and website. Engagement is key here so replying back to and interacting with your customers through Twitter creates a great impression of your company and increases your online reputation. Twitter also has a light-hearted feel and you shouldn’t be afraid to post the odd joke or funny comment. This shows that there is a real person behind the account and people are more likely to interact with you for that reason. See below for a pick of our favourite Twitter accounts.


Southern Rail

If you missed it, earlier on this year Southern Rail took on 15 year old Eddie for work experience and the results were fantastic. His one Tweet “Hi, Eddie here! Here on Work Experience and ready to answer your questions!” received hundreds of questions. Instead of the usual commuter complaints questions like what people should have for dinner piled in.

The original post received 1,000 likes within hours and his engagement with followers led to news and TV appearances. This is a great example of how quickly replies and humour can increase engagement with followers and most importantly get public exposure for your company.



Amazon’s account perfectly showcases how Twitter should be used. With over 2 million followers they must be doing something right. Most Tweets are answered quickly and they also interact with questions that most companies wouldn’t reply back to. Again, interaction with your followers and using humour vastly improves your chances of a strong following on Twitter.



Tweeting based on your audience is a great technique and that’s something Subway do very well. Their Tweets are funny and creative which targets them well towards the younger generation.


Samsung Mobile

Samsung mobile have over 12 million followers which is on par with celebrities. They use great high-quality images and videos on Twitter to get users interested and ultimately persuade them to buy their products. Gaining followers is one thing, but keeping them is another. They post multiple times a day with varying content to achieve this and appeal to a wide audience.


As always, thanks for reading our blog. Let us know in the comments if you think we have missed any good Twitter profiles.

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