If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad it can be hard to know which apps are the best ones to download. Some are slow and are filled with adverts and others just don’t cut the mustard when competing for the best app in their class. Here’s our pick of the top 10 Apple iTunes apps for iPhones and iPads.

7 minute workout

1. 7 minute workout

The 7 minute workout app is great for anyone trying to get fit or keep up their exercise levels this year. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, once downloaded you can start a 7 minute workout where a friendly instructor on the app will talk you through each exercise with illustrations too. It also logs each workout you do with the app where you can look back and see your progress on a calendar. Each exercise has been approved by experts to help you get the best out of your 7 minute workout. Download it on iTunes here.

Apple Music

2. Apple Music

Apple Music is their online music streaming service giving you access to stream over 40 million songs without adverts in between from almost any artist. Some of the brilliant stand out features include being able to download songs to listen offline, create a profile and share what you are listening to with friends, create your own playlists or listen to pre-created ones and it also works in cars supporting Apple Carplay.  Unfortunately it is not a free app but the subscriptions are affordable and competitive with other music streaming services like Spotify. You can also sign up for a free trial to see if you like it before paying. Click here to find out more.

Finger driver

3. Finger driver

Finger driver is a fairly simple app, turn the steering wheel to navigate your car through the path and try to get as far as you can. Compared to other racing games it is basic but sometimes it’s simple design and layout is a lot more appealing. It is very addictive making you want to try and progress further as the levels get harder. This is a must have app if you have got 5 minutes to spare. Download it on iTunes here.

Facebook Messenger

4. Facebook messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is known to have its problems on Android devices, but on Apple devices it works brilliantly. It is well optimised between different devices, so using it on your Apple Watch will still work intuitively, even though the layout is different to an iPhone. As well as being able to message your Facebook friends you can also send links, make calls, video call and also set up a group between friends to talk to them all at the same time. There is another great feature where you can play games through the app with your friends. It’s a great download to get more out of your Facebook account. Download it on iTunes here.


5. Shazam

This app is great for any music lovers. Say you are in a shop and you like the song being played over the radio but can’t quite remember the name or who sings it? Open Shazam and it recognises the song and gives you all the info about it. Download it on iTunes here.


6. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, in our opinion, is one of the best free online messaging apps available. When you install WhatsApp it allows you to message for free with other people that you have in your phone contacts who also have the app downloaded. As well as standard messaging you can also share links, photos, make online calls and even video call your contacts. You can also set up groups to message more than one contact at once, like having a group of all your friends or work colleagues. Download it on iTunes here.

Football manager

7. Football manager

If you are interested in Football then the chances are that you already have this app. But if you don’t then it is a must have download. Football manager on iPhone and iPad is a game where you are the manager of a club, with a wide choice of clubs from your local one to some of the top teams. You decide who plays in the game and who sits on the bench with the ultimate goal being to try and lead your team to victory. Download it on iTunes here.


8. Kirakira

Kirakira is quite a simple app, but sometimes that can be one of the best selling features of an app, especially on a mobile device where people want to get straight to the main features. It works by applying effects, like stars, to your camera when taking photos. You can then share the photo’s afterwards to your hearts content on social media etc. The main benefit of this is that you can see how your edited/enhanced photo will look before you take it. This app is great and is definitely aimed towards the younger generation. Download it on iTunes here.


9. Instagram

Instagram is more popular than ever, and the app helps it by being so easy to use and navigate the different features. When opening the app you are greeted by a feed of all photos posted by people you follow, cutting out any confusing menus to try and find your feed. A new feature recently introduced means that you can also follow hashtags, so if you are interested in cars follow hastags like #supercar, or if you like fashion follow hashtags like #fashionshow and all posts using those hastags will appear on your feed too. The app also takes advantage of a filter feature, so when posting a picture you can make it grey scale to look old fashioned, and even make it look like you are wearing glasses if you really want to. Instagram also has a stories section, where you can take short videos or pictures and post them to your story. They are only online for 24 hours and are viewed in a timeline sequence, hence the story name. It’s a great app and works brilliantly on iPhone. Download it on iTunes here.


10. Duolingo

Looking to learn a new language? Then this could be the app for you. Duolingo is by far the best language learning app with an added element of fun. The app not only asks to translate text but will also speak words in the language to help you recognise how they should sound. There is also a conversation feature to help you practice having a conversation in that language. There are 23 languages to choose from: Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh. Not to forget that it was also Apple’s iPhone app of the year last year. Download it on iTunes here.

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