Having an Android device like a smartphone or tablet is one thing, but are you definitely getting the best out of your device with the apps you have downloaded. Here’s our pick of the top 10 Android Apps on the Google Play Store to help you maximise the abilities of your device.

1. YouTube

The YouTube app on Android smartphones and tablets is fantastic. It includes all the same features as the website but condensed and easy to use on your portable device. It includes a watch later feature to set up a playlist of videos to come back and watch later on, as well as HD video display for high quality videos and screen displays. One of the latest features is the share button, where you can simply click share, and as long as your friends have the YouTube app installed you can share it directly through the app with them, instead of using another messaging service. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos comes pre-installed on most Android phones, but if it doesn’t then it is a must have app to download. It works like a photo gallery, but backs the photos up to your Google account online. Meaning that if you log in to your Google account on a different device then all of your photos will be on there too. It’s also helpful as you can delete the photos from the device storage area after they are backed up, leaving more space free on your device. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

3. Instagram

Instagram is more popular than ever, and the app helps it by being so easy to use and navigate the different features. When opening the app you are greeted by a feed of all photos posted by people you follow, cutting out any confusing menus to try and find your feed. A new feature recently introduced means that you can also follow hashtags, so if you are interested in cars follow hastags like #supercar, or if you like fashion follow hashtags like #fashionshow and all posts using those hastags will appear on your feed too. The app also takes advantage of a filter feature, so when posting a picture you can make it grey scale to look old fashioned, and even make it look like you are wearing glasses if you really want to. Instagram also has a stories section, where you can take short videos or pictures and post them to your story. They are only online for 24 hours and are viewed in a timeline sequence, hence the story name. It’s a great app and works brilliantly on Android. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

4. Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is based around pictures. Think of it like a virtual pinboard / inspiration board where you can create a board for all of your ideas, like home designs, cars and food. Then when you see a pin that you like you can pin it to your board so you can have a collection of things you find interesting on your profile boards. You can also set a board to private so that only you can see the pictures you pin to it. To find pins you can follow other peoples boards, as well as search for keywords. It is a really good app to use for inspiration when decorating your home or looking for nice recipes. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard works by connecting your popular social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram then displays it all on one feed in the app. It saves having to open each app individually as all of your social media profile feeds are in one place. You can also follow certain news subjects like World, Technology and Business then related articles will also show in your feed along with posts from your set up social media accounts. Some phones even come built in with a shortcut to swipe left on your home screen to access it directly. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

6. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is quite an old app now (released in 2009) but it is still one of the most popular gaming apps out there for Android with over 3 BILLION downloads. It follows a simple concept, catapult an angry bird at a gang of pigs, trying to destroy the whole construction on that level. Its success has spawned 14 other variations like Angry Bird Star Wars. It’s a great app to pass the time on your boring commute into work on the tube. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

7. Shazam

This app is great for any music lovers. Say you are in a shop and you like the song being played over the radio but can’t quite remember the name or who sings it? Open Shazam and it recognises the song and gives you all the info about it. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

8. Google Maps

Google Maps is a really good alternative for a sat nav. It uses live data based on others using the app to see where traffic jams are and suggest a diversion to take a quicker route. It also includes a drive feature, so you can set it to just drive and on the move it will suggest places of interest along the way, brilliant for adventure types not wanting to take a fixed route. Other really good features include reviews to see what others think of a place like restaurants, photos to show you what the place is like and for popular destinations a graph showing the busiest times there, helping you plan to visit at a time where there are less crowds like at zoo’s. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

9. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, in our opinion, is one of the best free online messaging apps available for Android. It’s a better alternative to Facebook messenger which is noturious for using a lot of battery life. When you install WhatsApp it allows you to message for free with other people that you have in your phone contacts who also have the app downloaded. As well as standard messaging you can also share links, photos, make online calls and even video call your contacts. You can also set up groups to message more than one contact at once, like having a group of all your friends or work colleagues. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

10. Drivetribe

This app is great for petrol heads. It includes latest news from the motoring world allowing you to join ‘Tribes’ based on your interests so that only content you are interested in shows up on your feed. Some tribe categories include F1, Rally, GT endurance racing, new car releases, supercars, hot hatches, car photography, racing games and lego cars. The creators of the app, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May all have their own tribes too (Jeremy Clarkson’s Tribe, Hammond’s Fob Jockeys and James May’s Carbolics) to communicate with fans and share things they are interested in. It also has a chat feature where you can join in with discussions with like minded petrol heads about the latest controversy in Formula 1 or share your opinions on latest car releases. Download it on the Google Play Store here.

All of these apps are available if you have an Apple device too, but make sure you come back next week to see our latest post where we will be sharing our pick of the top 10 Apple Apps for iPhones and iPads.