Over the last year you may have noticed an increase in unwanted and unsolicited emails, also known as Spam. There are many ways that spammers obtain email addresses but the most common is when you provide it in an online form. They also crawl websites using bots. These search for email addresses and put them in a spam emailing list.

With the increase in spammers doing this, companies like Google (Gmail), Yahoo (Yahoo mail) and Windows (Hotmail) have been increasing email account security and employing stricter spam filtering to counter the increase in spam. Due to the need of higher security and filtering to block the increase in spam lots of companies, who are not spammers, are also getting important emails caught up in the new stricter spam filters.

The main reason this would happen is if your emails have similar aspects to others picked up by spam filters. The main trigger is the subject line. If your subject is considered as spam it will skip a recipient’s inbox and go straight to their spam / junk folder.

This is currently causing a lot of inconvenience to genuine companies. However, there are ways to make sure that your emails are compliant and avoid getting caught up in the new filters.


Should you follow these and still not get positive results, consider checking if your email account has been blacklisted by spam filters. This is also a possibility if you send a large amount of promotional content on a daily basis.

Please feel free to contact us if you are still unsure on how to stay compliant with the new spam rules.

Good luck!