Having lots of social media followers obviously means you are doing something right. However, actually keeping those followers engaged and interested in your posts is another thing entirely. The content you post to social media needs to be specifically suited to your audience otherwise you run the risk of losing your followers as fast as you gained them. Read on to find out more and become a social media expert!

Look at the age range of your followers Facebook > Insights > People. Make sure that what you are posting is suitable for your followers age range. For example, if your majority of followers are 65+ then it’s best not post about things they might not understand. Again if your followers are 18-24 then you want to post relevant content that they would be interested in. In the same section on Facebook it also tells you the gender of your followers so you can also cater content for Male and Female followers too depending on which you have the most followers of. So there are not set rules on what to post, it is entirely dependent on your followers age range.

Social media users love a poll to express their opinion. They are really easy to set up and it’s a great way to get your followers involved. On a poll you could ask things like, ‘What should we do for our next blog post?’ then give up to 4 options for followers to choose from. Polls do really well on social media and it’s a great way to keep your follows interested.

As well as polls questions like asking someone to do something in the day is an excellent way to catch your followers attention when scrolling through 100’s of other posts on their news feed. Questions like “What are you doing to relax this weekend?” or “Send us a picture of your car for a chance to get it re-posted” are great ways to get your followers interacting with your social media posts. Posts like this are a lot more effective than just giving information.

Instagram on mobileImages are a must on any social media post. They will grab a users attention so if you are going to post pictures to social media make sure that the images are high quality. There is nothing worse than scrolling through and seeing a post with a blurred and hard to see image. High quality images will catch someones eye and gives your post a better chance of someone noticing it when scrolling through their news feed.

Finally, the time that you post on social media is also very important. If you post at a time when none of your followers are online then you are effectively wasting a good quality post that could have gone viral if posted at the right time. The best rule is to look at the time most of your followers are online, which you can find on Facebook > Insights > Posts > When Your Fans Are Online. Read our other article here to find out more about the best times to post on social media.