Follow these simple steps to set up email accounts on your Windows Phone.

1. Open settings and select email + accounts.

windows step 1

2. Select add account.

windows step 2

3. Select advanced setup.

windows step 3

4. Select internet email.

windows step 4

5. Enter the account name and your name. This will be the name displayed on the emails you send. For the incoming email server enter mail. followed by your domain. So for us it would be Make sure you select IMAP setup.

windows step 5

6. For the username field enter your email address and then enter your email password. Enter the same information on outgoing email server as the incoming email server. (mail.domainname)

windows step 6

7. Make sure that you have both outgoing server authentication and same username and password for sending boxes ticked. Then select sign in.

windows step 7

After this your email account will sync to your device.

This make take some time if the account is already in use and has emails saved.

Once that has synced go to your home screen and you will see that it has added an email icon with the email account name.

Simply click on this to send and receive emails.