Follow these simple steps to set up email accounts on your Android device.

1. Open the mail application and select the mail provider ‘Other’ then select manual setup. This will take you to a page to set up custom email accounts.


2. On the Incoming settings select IMAP, enter the email address into the email address field and also in the username field. Enter the email password. Then for the IMAP server enter mail.(domainname). So for us it would be


3. Then on the outgoing settings enter the exact same details as the incoming settings on step 2.


4. Now you can personalise the account name. Here you can set your name and the account name you would like to be visible to email recipients. Then select finish setup.


After you have followed these steps your account will be ready to use. Note that if you have previously used the email address and have emails saved it will take time for them to sync on to your device.