Google Pixel Buds A-Series openedIf you haven’t already read our review of the Google Pixel 6, then these Pixel Buds A-Series were a bit of a forced purchase as the new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack and due to an offer that was available at the time on the Google Store they seemed like the perfect choice. I’ve had them for 2 months now so here are some of my first impressions from using Google’s new “budget” wireless earbuds.

They deliver rich high quality audio and sound great whether you’re listening to music or watching a video. The bass is really good and they also feature adaptive sound to adjust the volume based on your surroundings. This works really well for phone calls and it’s beamforming mics focus on just your voice so that whoever you are talking to can only hear you and no background noise around you. They have the best of Google Assistant built in as well so you can just say “Ok Google…” and get answers direct in your ear. If you hear a notification sound you can also tap and hold one earbud and it will read out the message, whether it is a text or WhatsApp for example. The touch sensitive surfaces can also control music. Tap them once to pause/play, twice to skip song or three times to go back a song. Google Pixel Buds A-SeriesLike with all Google products they feel well made and come in a nice case which feels solid and has a nice weight to it.  The earbuds are available in Clearly White or Dark Olive (otherwise know as green). I went with white which you can see in the pictures. The official quoted battery life is 5 hours use out of 1 charge, and from 1 charge of the case it can charge the earphones for 24 hours of usage. So far these figures seem to be about right, I get around 5 uses out of them before I need to charge the case up again. One of my main worries is if they were to fall out of my ear but they fit securely in your ear and mine haven’t fallen out so far. But even if this was to happen you can use the app to see their last known location, and find my device lets you ring them to help you find where they are. They’re also sweat and water resistant if you want to use them for a workout or outside.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series closedI must admit at first I was very reluctant to buy some wireless earbuds as I’ve never really seen the benefit of them as I usually have my phone with me when listeneing to music so never really saw the inconvenience of having a wire connected to my phone in the first place. However, I can report that after 2 months with the Pixel Buds A-Series I’m coming round to the idea. I’m still not fully convinced but am enjoying using them so far and fundamentally don’t miss having wired earphones. They sound great, the audio quality is really good for what Google say is a “budget” option, although they still cost around £99.99. However, it’s always worth checking for any offers available as at the time of writing this they are currently discounted to £79.99 on the Google store. Overall I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new set of wireless earphones, and they work with both Android and iOS too.