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5 Tips and tricks to stay safe online

Source: Google

To help create the best version of your online story, remember to think before you share. Anything you post online can be forwarded, copied, and found, and travel further than you intended it to. What you share, and who you share it with, can end up saying a lot about you. So remember to be thoughtful!

Most of us have things on the web that we want to keep safe. One of the best ways to keep those things secure is to make sure that you have set strong passwords on your accounts. Protecting your stuff also means locking devices and your screens and logging out of accounts on public and shared computers. Leaving screens and accounts open could result in unwanted account accessing.

The settings on the sites you visit allow you to choose what you share and who you share with. Understand and adjust your settings on the sites and apps you use so that you only share with those people that you want to share with. This means posts, geotagging, photo uploading, profiles, and more.

Know how to identify scams online. If someone offers you some new shoes, a free iPad or an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, you should be suspicious. These offers might seem harmless, but these could be dangerous ways to get your personal information.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, offline and online! Being positive on the web means that you should only post, comment or forward something, if you wouldn’t mind someone doing the same to you.

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Source: Google