Bose are known as being one of the top audio equipment manufacturers in the world, making a range of products from speakers to headphones. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Bose SoundSport® in-ear headphones which I bought over a year ago so this review is going to include what they are like to live with too.

The first impressions from the headphones are high build-quality, which you expect from a brand like Bose. When they were brand new they were priced at £114 which is quite steep, but I bought mine around a year after they were released for £80. They come in a range of colours; Energy Green, Neon Blue, Power Red, Charcoal and Frost, I went with the grey Charcoal ones. They also come with a carry case which has a clip to attach to your clothes or bag to store the headphones in when you are not using them.

Images source: Bose

The most important part about headphones is obviously the sound, on which they deliver. They produce really high quality sound and background noise when listening is hardly noticeable, although they are not branded as being noise cancelling they still do a pretty good job. But in really noisy environments they do still let some sound through so if you are looking for true noise cancelling you may need to go for a more premium option. They use TriPort® technology to achieve crisp highs and natural-sounding lows. I’ve never noticed any sound distortion or issues and they work really well with music and also watching videos or films.

The in ear pieces fit really well as they adapt to the shape of your ear using StayHear® technology so you can wear them for a long time without it becoming uncomfortable. The way they fit in your ear also means there is very little chance of them falling out so you can wear them while exercising. The wire includes a microphone so you can make calls wearing the earphones and a pause/skip button as well as volume buttons so you don’t have to keep taking you phone out of your pocket to make adjustments. They are also waterproof and sweat-proof so you can continue using them outside in the rain, in the gym and anywhere else that takes your fancy.

As mentioned above, I have had them for over a year and the wires are all still in good condition, as well as the earbuds, and the sound quality is still fantastic as well. They also came with a warranty so even if they did break there is peace of mind that they could be fixed or replaced. Overall, I have been really impressed by these headphones and the sound quality is absolutely brilliant; certainly on par with more expensive headphones.