When managing the content on your website you want something easy to use and help you make the necessary changes to your website as quick as possible. WordPress is a content management system but what is the benefit over other systems?

WordPress dashboardEdit on the move

The WordPress CMS (content management system) can be used on multiple devices. You can access your website dashboard online on any device including tablets and mobile phones. There is even an app for Android and Apple phones so that you can easily edit your website when you are on the move. If your website is already using WordPress click here to download for Android phones and click here to download for Apple iPhone.

WordPress can manage both a website and a blog

Having your website and a blog set up in two different places can prove difficult and be hard to match the design to keep with the same branding. WordPress allows you to manage both your blog and your website in the same place. You can also have just a website, or just a blog using WordPress.

Easy to integrate plugins

Many companies may need extra features on their websites such as a booking calendar or contact form. WordPress has a range of free and premium plugins that are quick and easy to install with no knowledge of coding needed. With a few clicks you can have the plugin of your choice active and ready for your customers to use.

WordPress is constantly updating

One of the main things you want from a system is for it to constantly update to match the current needs of the users. WordPress is over a decade old and constantly release security and plugin updates to make sure your site keeps current and avoid common security errors. One example to this would be that the WordPress CMS was updated to responsive meaning it will display on mobile devices. There is also a support forum which usually answers any common questions and help you solve an issue quickly.

Website securitySecurity

Website security is vital for any business to avoid hacks and attacks on a site. There are a range of WordPress plugins available which include features such as firewall, IP blocking, update detection and blocking users that try to hack your website. A plugin like this is much needed to make sure that your site fully protected from attacks.

These are only a few of the reasons WordPress is a great tool for companies to use. If you would like to find out more get in touch using the live chat box at the bottom right of this page.